Ukrainian Mriya

Ukrainian Mriya
6 August, 2021
Dreams of a Peaceful life are especially often during the war time, people follow the news from the front and keep on wishing PEACE to Ukraine.
Recently the Ukrposhta's management has presented a new stamp - Ukrainian Mriya (means dream in Ukrainian language) during the national telephone call in Gostomel', in front of the Ukrainian airplane "Mriya", destroyed by the Russian occupiers.
The image for this stamp was designed before the war, taken from the creative contest "What is Ukraine for me?", which was won by 11-year-old Sofia Kravchuk from Luboml', Volyn region.
The girl drew the world's largest and most powerful AN-225 "Mriya" aircraft, decorated with pink flowers, flying to the stars, embodying in this image the happy future of Ukraine, connected with the winged "Dream".
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