Russian Warship… DONE

Russian Warship… DONE
6 August, 2021
Ukraine's first military stamp "Russian WarShip" has already become a symbol of Ukrainian-Russian war.
That small "message" to the Russian WarShip was so truly felt and strongly desired by Ukrainians that it became prophetic.
Everyone strives to have it for a big memory, but according to the Ukrposhta rules one stamp circulation should be limited.
However the Ukrainian state post decided to meet millions of people's wishes by releasing the second stamp of this series - "Russian warship .. That's all" or "Russian Warship… DONE". The stamp circulation will be 5 million copies, and the envelope is 1 million.
The first stamp of the series is presented within this block, it can be bought in an online store (about 7,000 pcs), but it can't be used by post.
The second stamp can be sent to friends in Ukraine and abroad, as it will also have Ukrainian and international denominations.  Even powerful DDoS attacks from Russia will not prevent the  release of this paper stamp.
This time an approximate schedule for the launch and sale of stamps will be informed in advance to prevent previous hype for the safety sake.
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